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The Aim of Gospel Reading

My aim is to help you to read the Gospels by letting the evangelist himself be our guide. The evangelists left many clues in their writing which show how they wanted their Gospel to be read. We need to look for their clues and than base our reading upon them. In this way, the Gospels will I hope come to life for us in ways we might not have expected.

With good observation on your part and some guidance on my part, I hope I can encourage you to discover the four Gospels for yourself.

There are many sites which give us reflections based on the Gospels. Few of them actually help us to engage with the text itself. By looking closely at the text, we will be following the leads given by the evangelists themselves as they told their stories of Jesus.

My aim therefore is to open up your reading of the Gospels, for you to discover what is there, not what we think is there. As we will see, all too often we can read an incident in a Gospel but our minds will be thinking of the same incident told quite differently in another Gospel. If we can learn to ask the right questions then we will receive good answers.

My interest is in the Gospel as we have it. Although it is helpful and important to compare Gospels, I am not interested in sources, where the evangelist got his material. That would be a distraction from our purpose, to read the four Gospel stories as we have them.

I have arranged the presentations with the individual reader in mind. They can be easily adapted for groups and reading together - which may well be the best approach.

MAY 2017

For the first time all three Synoptic Gospels are now available, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

Revision will now be on-going. Every page will therefore have its date.
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"Synoptic" means "one the same eye", the traditional approach which stressed the similarites between the three. Our approach will highlight how different they are.

For further practical details and for an example of our reading, we continue on the next page.

The Apocalypse

I am now preparing some pages introducing The Apocalypse, the last book of the New Testament.
These will be commentaries or essays rather than guided reading. Hopefully they will be an encouraging to explore this fascinating writing with sound interpretation.