The man of St Matthew


Chapter 6: Overview

With chapter 6, we are continuing our reading of the Sermon on the Mount.

First look at 6,1-18. See how this part is a presentation of almsgiving, prayer and fasting in a well organised manner. Note though how about half this is an insertion, the Lord's Prayer (6,9-15). (A look at the Gospel for Ash Wednesday will make this very clear.)

The remainder of the chapter is much more loosely organised as we saw in the overview earlier. We have here a collection of sayings which seems to continue on to 7,12, the so-called "golden rule".

Our reading of this chapter will therefore take two pages, covering 6,1-18 and 6,19-34.

Let us now go straight to our reading of the first part of the chapter, the Sermon's presentation on almsgiving, prayer and fasting: Mt 6,1-18.