The man of St Matthew


Overview: chapters 8-9

Read through both chapters 8 and 9. You will see that the two chapters are dominated by a whole series of healings as well as the calming of a storm. All of these are acts of power by Jesus (see 9,8). Why do you think I might be cautious about using the traditional word "miracle"?
The first step for our reading is to see how carefully Matthew has organised his material.

Begin by looking again 9,35 and 4,23 as we did earlier. How are these two verses fufilled in chapters 5 to 9?

Then list out all the episodes in chapters 8 and 9. What pattern can you discover?
Where are they to be found in Mark's Gospel (or, in two cases, Luke)? What has Matthew done in 9,27-31? See 20,29-34 and Mk 10,46-52.

From this, comment on the way Matthew has used his sources.

Then have a look at my response.

Chapter 8: Overview

Now we can take a closer look at chapter 8 itself. Following on from what we have just seen, look for the point where the chapter can be easily divided. That will give us two pages for our reading.

Then have another look at my response.

We are now ready to begin with 8,1-17 and the first three healings.