The man of St Matthew


Chapter 10: Overview

When we looked at chapter 9, I suggested that we cross the chapter boundary and read 9,35-10,4 together. Read through these verses and see how they fit together.
Look too at 10,1 and 11,1 and then 10,5. What is common to these verses?

Following this, Jesus's second discourse opens in 10,5, addressed to the twelve. See how the first part ends in verse 15 followed by a start in verse 16 (for this you may need to compare translations).

There are few clear markers after verse 16; we can note the ending of the discourse in 11,1. That verse we will include with our reading of this chapter.
Why might I make a break at verse 33? You may be able to spot the theme which forms 10,16-33.
At the same time, have look at the Sunday Gospels for the 12th and 13th Sundays in Ordinary Time.

Then take a look at my response and see our reading plan.

We can now begin by reading the opening of the chapter with the transition from chapter 9 into chapter 10, 9,35-10,4.