The man of St Matthew


Chapter 11: Overview

We begin our reading of chapter 11 by establishing the boundaries of the chapter as usual. We have read verse 1 with the previous chapter which it concludes.

Now read through the chapter. I reckon it all follows through until there is a phrase towards the end which indicates a new section. How is this section related to what precedes? Then note as well that a completely new section opens at the beginning of chapter 12.

Within the first part of the chapter, look for the break. Who is the subject of the first part of the chapter? Two units then follow, how might they be related so that they are best read together?

From these clues, hopefully you will be able to see how the chapter unfolds and how we may best read it in three pages. Look now at my response.

We begin our reading with 11,2-15, hearing about John the Baptist.