The man of St Matthew


chapter 20: Overview

The Journey to Jerusalem

In our overview of chapter 19, we saw that Jesus' journey continues in this chapter. We noted both 20,17 and 21,1 and how the chapter was divided into two. We made some comments about the first part with our overview of the previous chapter.

It will be useful at this point to compare chapters 19 and 20 of Matthew with chapter 10 of Mark. We will see that the episodes are similar in both Gospels but with one major addition by Matthew.

Read through the chapter so as to find the four sections. One is clearly marked out as we have already seen. Note how the next two are connected. With that in mind, see how we can read the chapter in three pages.
For this, take a look at a response from me.

And now we carry on to the parable of the vineyard (20,1-16).