The man of St Matthew


Chapter 22: Overview

Pharisees, Sadducees and a few Herodians

Chapter 22 continues the confrontations between Jesus and the various Jewish leaders which began in chapter 21. These now follow the comment made by the evangelist in 21,45-46. All these confrontations will end with a strong conclusion at the end of this chapter, 22,46.
Therefore read again through chapter 22 and note the various scenes with the different audiences. We can see how different Jewish factions are taking it in turn to try to trap Jesus (22,15.35).

Reading Chapter 22

We can therefore read the chapter according to the audience:

22,1-14: The parable of the royal wedding feast. This is the third parable addressed to chief priests and elders (21,23) and also Pharisees (21,45).
22,15-22: Pharisees with Herodians, questioning Jesus about taxation.
22,23-33: Sadducees, asking about the resurrection.
22,34-46: Pharisees again, first testing Jesus about the greatest commandment of the law (22,34-40). This is followed by Jesus' question to them about the son of David (22,41-46).

The final word is that no one dared asked Jesus any more questions (22,46)

We can now begin with our reading of the parable of the royal wedding feast 22,1-14.