The lion of St Mark


Chapter 7: Overview

Read through chapter 7; see how the chapter has a clear beginning (7,1) and also a clear ending. Look at 8,1 to confirm this.

From our first read of this chapter, we see that there is a longer and complex first part. What is its theme? This first part is followed by two shorter sections. Where do these two shorter sections begin and what are the indicators?
(Verse 16 "If anyone has ears to hear, let them hear" is usually regarded as a later addition and omitted. It is missing in important early manuscripts.)

Then look at my response.

Reading Plan

We have seen that the second part of the chapter is straightforward with the two incidents: Jesus' vist to Tyre (6,24-30) and what happens on his journey home (6,31-37). That gives us our second and third pages for this chapter.

The first part of the chapter (7,1-23) is more complicated. It needs to be read as one page as Jesus teaches about tradition to the Pharisees and then purity to the crowd and his disciples.

We can now begin our reading of this first part.