The lion of St Mark


Chapter 8: Overview

There is a new start at 8,1 as we noted when we looked at chapter 7. Now we can read through this chapter and then on to the first verse of the next chapter. Note what is said in 9,2. What is the episode that begins there? What is the consequence for 9,1?

Then consider what are the various episodes of this chapter 8. Look for the four settings of the chapter.

Why do I prefer to end the first episode in verse 9 rather than verse 10? A clue is to compare with 6,45. If we begin the second episode with verse 10, where does it end? It helps to look closely at verse 13 in different translations.

Then take a look at my response.

Reading Plan

The first page for this chapter must be the feeding of the crowd in the desert (8,1-9).
The second page can then be the boat trip (8,10-21) with its two scenes.
The third page will be the healing of the blind man at Bethsaida (8,22-26)
the fourth page is where we will read about the events at Caesarea Philippi (8,27-9,1).

We are now ready for our reading of the chapter beginning with the second feeding of a large crowd, 8,1-9.