The lion of St Mark


Chapter 12: Overview

When we looked at our overview of chapter 11, I suggested you considered how chapter 11 leads into chapter 12. Look at where Jesus is between 11,27 and 13,1-2.
How does 11,12-25 and 13,1-2 form a bracket around this whole passage? What we have seen in 11,12-25 might have alerted us to the background of all that is happening here.

Beginning with 11,27-33 which we have already read, look at the different groups who are addressed by Jesus in these verses. Is there a pattern? Where are the disciples?

Consider what is different after verse 34. Look for the word common to verses 35 and 38.
Then note how the two scenes 12,38-40 and 12,41-44 are connected.

Finally, we saw earlier how 13,1-2 concludes this part of the story.

Take a look now at my response response.

Chapter 12: Reading Plan

From our explorations, we can now read the chapter as follows. The fourth page includes the last four scenes in the Temple.

  1. 12,1-12: The Allegory of the Tenants
  2. 12,13-27: Pharisees and Herodians, Sadducees
  3. 12,28-34: The Scribe
  4. 12,38-13,2: Scribes and Widows

We can now move on to read the story of the tenants and the vineyard.