The bull of St Luke


Chapter 9: Overview

Chapter 9 sees a major transition in the story. In many ways, this chapter looks like chapters 8-9 of Mark's Gospel. We need to see how Luke has moved the climax in this chapter from its place in Mark.

We begin as usual with an overview of the whole chapter. Read the chapter (9,1-62) and discover how towards the end of the chapter there is the beginning of a new development in the story of the Gospel.

Then, look more closely at 9,1-50 and the various incidents recorded there. Look for the change of emphasis from the preceeding chapter; see who are now involved in the story who were not prominent in that chapter.

List the various incidents in 9,1-17. Where do they come in Mark's Gospel? How has Luke changed Mark's story at this point?

Then compare 9,18-50 with Mark's Gospel. How has Luke altered Mark? Why do you think he has done so?

Then go to my response.

We are now ready to look at the first episode of this chapter, 9,1-17.