The bull of St Luke


Chapter 11: Overview

As we continue our following of Jesus on the journey to Jerusalem, the focus on his teachings has now begun. As we listen, we must be attentive to the audience. Luke makes it clear to whom Jesus is speaking. The different audiences are our guide to our expectations about what Jesus is saying. We will see how sometimes Jesus is speaking with friends, sometimes with foes and sometimes with those who are in between for various reasons. We need to be alert to the audience if we are to have the right expectations. Changes of audience are will usually be our guide to the various parts of each chapter. Chapter 11 will bring all this out well.

These teachings of Jesus often come from Luke's own sources. Sometimes there are parallels with Matthew's Gospel, though these are not always straightforward. Luke is following his own editorial policy. In fact, we will find a comparison with Matthew to be more helpful with details rather than the longer comparisons which we have been making earlier.

Now read chapter 11. Look for the various audiences in the chapter, up to 12,1. Then consider the pages for our reading.

Have a look at my response.

We are now ready to read the first part of the chapter where Jesus is speaking about prayer (11,1-13).

The Sunday Gospel

The first part of the chapter concerning prayer is heard as a Sunday Gospel, as we shall see. The rest of the chapter is then omitted in the Sunday readings, all the way through to 12,12.