The bull of St Luke


Chapter 12: Overview

Chapter 12 is the last of a series of long chapters, since chapter 6 around 50 or even 60 verses has been the norm. From chapter 13 onwards, the chapters will be much shorter, around 35 verses.

Read through the 59 verses of chapter 12. We have seen how 11,54 is an ending and 12,1 a beginning. Where is the next beginning? You will find it in the following chapter.

Notice how 12,1 is phrased? See how sometimes Jesus speaks to the crowd, sometimes to his disciples. Note how the crowd is present throughout, consider 12,13.

It is as well to take note of these Sunday Gospels as we consider how best to read the chapter. Most of this chapter from 12,13 onwards is read over three Sundays:

With all that in mind, consider how the chapter might be suitably divided for our reading.

Now take a look at my response and how I will be reading the chapter.

Much of this chapter has parallels in the Gospel of Matthew but these are found in several different chapters of that Gospel. We will therefore be making only limited comparisons between the two Gospels in order to highlight specific points.

We are now ready to read the first part of the chapter, which is about persecution.