The bull of St Luke


Chapter 13: Overview

When we read chapter 12, we saw that 13,1-9 is the final stage of the scene 12,1-13,9 where the crowd is present, at least in the background. These verses therefore give us the first page for our reading of this chapter.

Then in 13,10, a new scene begins because Jesus is now teaching in a synagogue. The healing of the crippled woman is followed by the two parables which as we will see are linked to it. This give us 13,10-21 as our second page.

In 13,22 Luke reminds us that Jesus is on his way to Jerusalem, continuing to teach.
There is a transition in verse 31 ("at that very hour") which binds together the second half of the chapter, 13,22-35. This therefore we will read as a third page.

The Sunday Gospels

13,22-30 is the only passage from this chapter which appears in the regular Sunday cycle, 21st Sunday of Ordinary Time, year C. We will look at it in due course.

13,1-9, on repentance, is the Gospel for the 3rd Sunday of Lent in year C. As there is no direct link between the readings for these Lent Sundays, we need not explore further.

That leaves the healing of the crippled woman, 13,10-17. This is a story special to Luke and yet is never used in the Sunday readings. One wonders why.

We can now continue to our reading of the opening verses of the chapter.