The bull of St Luke



Read through chapter 18 and note the various episodes. Why might I say that this chapter has no clear beginning? What about the end of the chapter (and look on into chapter 19)?

Looking at this more closely, consider first verse 8 and then look back to 17,22.
Another parable follows (18,9-14) which we will see is a further commentary on these verses.

Then compare 18,15 with Mark 10,13 and the sequence 18,15-43 with Mk 10,13-52. What's happening here? What has been left out by Luke?

Look at 18,34, noting Mk 10,34. What can we say about this verse? How has Luke edited 18,35 compared with Mk 10,46?

Where is Jesus in 18,35-19,10?

What conclusions can we now draw from this exploration? How does it affect our reading of the chapter?

Go now to my response.

Chapter 18 Reading Plan

It is as well to read the two parables at the beginning of the chapter on different pages because they are the Gospel for successive Sundays (29th and 30th). It is also as well to read the two Jericho incidents as a pair so we will read the healing of the beggar with chapter 19. That will help to highlight the major conclusion in 18,34. Therefore, we have three pages:

From this, we now read our chapter beginning with the parable of the widow and the judge.