The bull of St Luke



Chapter 19 sees Jesus finally arriving in Jerusalem, or at least in the Temple (19,45). This is however a chapter without clear boundaries - though there may be boundaries within the chapter.

When we looked at chapter 18, we concluded that the two Jericho episodes (18,35-19,10) formed a pair, poor and rich. Thus we will be reading the episodes of the blind beggar and Zacchaeus together as the beginning of the chapter.

Can we find an ending and a new beginning within the chapter? How does verse 28 echo verse 11? Where is Jesus from verse 29?
Then look at verses 41 and 45. How does this chapter lead into chapter 20 (see 20,1)? Look ahead to 21,37-38.

Having considered the evidence, consider the various scenes on which our reading of the chapter can be based and how the events unfold.
Then look at my response.

Reading Plan

From our consideration of the chapter, we have four pages for our reading:

Let us now read our chapter beginning with Jesus approaching Jericho, 18,35.