The bull of St Luke


The Resurrection of Jesus
Chapter 24: Overview

Read thorugh the chapter and try to see it as a whole. Look at its parts, what might be its most important part?
How can we describe the chapter as a triptych? What is the message coming out of this chapter?

What is the place (more or less) and time of this chapter? Compare this with the other Gospels: Mark 16,1-6; Matthew 24 and John 20.

Now look at my response.

The Sunday Gospel

This Resurrection Chapter of Luke's Gospel is proclaimed as follows:
24,1-12 Easter Vigil, year C
24,13-35 3rd Sunday of Easter, year A (and as an option on Easter Sunday evening)
24,35-48 3rd Sunday of Easter, year B
24,46-53 Ascension, year C.

What comments could we make about this presentation of the chapter?

Then take another look at my response.

We can now move on to the first scene, the women at the tomb.